home project at plano b festival "se esta rua fosse minha"

home is a public space intervention in real time on the street. Using recyclable materials van driver will build a house where visitors can enter and mail the available postcard by simply placing it in the inside surface of the house walls.
home will happen on October’s 3rd 2009, at Rua Cândido dos Reis,Porto, Portugal, on the occasion of street festival se esta rua fosse minha”, organized by the venue Plano B.

What can you do for the nature in your home?

-Reduce your home heating and electricity use. A more energy-efficient home will lower your utility bills and reduce the emissions that cause climate change.
-Choose energy-efficient appliances. New refrigerators, for example, use 40 per cent less energy than models made just 10 years ago.
-Check the Auto Smart ratings for the next car you intend to buy to make sure it’s fuel efficient and low polluting. A typical SUV uses almost twice the fuel – and releases nearly twice the emissions – of a modern station wagon, although both seat the same number of passengers.
-Walk, bike, carpool or take transit to get to one of your regular destinations each week.
Learn about the impacts of air travel and consider vacationing close to home.
-If you are moving, choose a home within a 30-minute bike, walk or transit ride from your daily destinations. A convenient place to live reduces the amount you drive, which means you’ll lower your greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants.
-Take care of your trash. Composting all organic waste – and recycling paper, cardboard, cans and bottles – will help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with landfills.
-Eat wisely. Choose foods that are local, organic and low on the food chain whenever possible. Make the most of seasonal foods.
source: david suzuki web page

So what else can you do to be ‘green’?
-Switch off your wireless network, your computer and other electrical devices when it is not in use. Save electricity and it will indirectly lessen the carbon emission from diesel power plant
-No, do not throw away your broken or faulty electrical devices. Recycle them. HP and dell has their own recycle stations. For example, your notebook battery does contain hazardous stuffs
-Reduce printing of dowloaded ebooks, do your studies online instead, whenever possible
-Do not put your monitor on maximum brightness
Why do you need to be green?
-You and your kids will live a healthier life
-Have a healthy longer earth life
source: rebecca carter/green options.com

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